I hope these nude pictures of hot actress Michelle Williams brings some brightness to your day. It’s dark and bucketing down rain here, but seeing the world’s sexiest female celebrities naked always cheers me up! I’ve never really been a huge fan of Michelle. She is good looking, but somehow she never really captured my attention. Most likely due to the fact she doesn’t tend to get ‘sexy’ roles that require her showing some skin.

Michelle Williams nude

Well, this shot sure got my attention! There is no shortage of skin showing here. Is it real or fake? Sorry to say it is a fake. What, you’re surprised? These days I don’t really care too much and I always say I’ll take a really good faked nude celeb pic over a dark, grainy ‘real photo’ any day. I say real with inverted comas as I reckon a lot of leaked photos that show up on TMZ and such are just lookalikes… sometimes not even good ones!

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Seeing Reese Witherspoon get in trouble with the law recently was pretty funny. She seems to have a good girl image but I think she is one of those fiery Southern gals. I kind of like that and I have always found her to be sexy in an unconventional way.

Reese Witherspoon fake

For whatever reason it inspired me to post up some fakes of her. I especially like the first one of her getting a facial. Love the look on her face as the cum spatters all over her. The second one has her taking to that sweet little muff with a dildo. The expression has changed in this one!

Reese Witherspoon nude

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It seems there are many of us that have a thing for hot news presenters and alike. There are some very sexy ones on the box and none more so than Katie Couric in my book. She has been on the box since I was a horny teen. I would watch and love gazing at her sexy legs and would get very turned on if she was wearing pantyhose and crossed her legs.

Katie Couric nude

Of course with these sorts of celebrities you are very unlikely to ever see them naked. I mean Katie Couric, Amy Robach, Megyn Kelly, Erin Burnett, Courtney Friel, Jenna Lee et all are hardly going to read you todays news naked are they?? A nice idea but not gonna happen. :(

Katie Couric fakes

Nevermind fellow perverts! I have some faked nude pics of the Katie Couric for you including a very naughty one of her playing with a couple of her fellow hot TV hosts.

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For the longest time I had a celebrity crush on Jennifer Connelly. Yeah I know I am not alone there. She really was stunning looking (and still is) when she came onto the scene…. one of those girls that are so good looking it almost hurts looking at them too long.

Jennifer Connelly nude

Anyway, I caught Requiem For A Dream last night on cable and was once again staggered by how beautiful she looked in that movie. It reminded me of her other roles especially the nudity in Hot Spot!

Jennifer Connelly naked

I knew I had some really good faked nude photos of her kicking around and I picked out a couple of my favorites. Both show the sexy actress completely naked with seductive eyes and a clear indication of what she wants from you! Gulp!

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I was a bit surprised to learn that super hot Cindy Margolis was now in her late forties. She is still a very sexy woman and has curves galore. It reminded me of a poster I had of her in a bikini for a while back in the day when she was emerging as a model.

Cindy Margolis sex

This made me do a bit of Googling to see what naughty photos I could find of her. It was a bit disappointing finding a distinct lack of nudity but I found the next best thing! Check out these fakes of the shapely bombshell getting her tight little twat stuffed big time!

Cindy Margolis fake

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The beautiful Jordana Brewster always brings a smile to my face… especially when she is not wearing much clothes! I found some really hot fakes of the Brazilian-American beauty and had to share a couple of my favorites.

Jordana Brewster nude

The first of which shows the Fast And The Furious star totally naked sans her sexy red stockings. She is getting her pretty pussy lips sucked by an admirer that I wish was me! The other faked photo made me even more envious when he flips her around and stuffs his cock deep inside her.

Jordana Brewster fakes

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I was over at Celeb Defamer a bit earlier having a browse through their massive list of celebrity fakes and came across some of Kellie Pickler. She is a singer and has been on a few celeb TV shows as well.

Kellie Pickler nude

I think she is a really sexy looking woman and enjoyed these doctored photos. The first shows her having some fun with a massive cucumber. She is really poking and prodding with that thing. Later she swaps it out for the real thing and gets a big mouthful of cum for her trouble.

Kellie Pickler fake

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You can put former fashion model and actress Rebecca Romijn (or Rebecca Romijn-Stamos) down as another hot female celebrity that has hit forty and still looks amazing. Haven’t seen much of her of late but I noticed these photos and knew they would make for a nice post.

Rebecca Romijn nude

These are faked photos of course but you are hardly going to see this for real are you? Well you might if your name is John Stamos. ;)

Rebecca Romijn fake

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