When I was in high school I think every male there had a crush on Alicia Silverstone myself very much included. She was painfully beautiful and I think I watched my VHS copies of movies like The Crush and of course Clueless so many times they wore out. I would have crawled over broken glass to see her naked back then and nothings changed. She is still one of the hottest female celebrities around and it’s a shame we rarely see her in anything these days.

Alicia Silverstone naked

Alicia Silverstone pussy

I was feeling nostalgic so i went hunting through the Celeb Defamer archives and found a big collection of Alicia Silverstone fakes. These are two of my favorites from the bunch. The first sees her nude in the shower with beads of water running down her luscious body and the other is hot sex fake with Alicia getting her sexy little pussy eaten out. Damn, I’m gonna need a moment alone with the pics I think!

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