The other day I was out drinking with some friends and the topic came up about whether Alyson Hannigan was hot or not. One guy reckons she is not particularly good looking therefore she’s not sexy. My view is a chick doesn’t need to be beautiful to be hot. I would bang the living daylights of Alyson’s ginger pussy five times a day if I could but I don’t find her all that good looking. The consensus was all in favor bar one if you’re interested hah.

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So that out of the way we’ve got some Alyson Hannigan fakes for your maturbatorial pleasure. I found metric shitloads of fakes of the cute American Pie star at Celeb Defamer. Plenty of them go beyond just nude pictures too. There were a whole series of them with Alyson sucking cock, getting her red haired pussy slammed and getting a cum facial like this one.

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