I am about the same age as Alyssa Milano and have had a crush on her since she was in Who’s The Boss. She developed into a stunning woman and she is still one of my all time favorite female celebrities. After seeing her do sexy roles in films like Embrace The Vampire and Poison Ivy it was evident she’s got an amazing body as well as being devastatingly beautiful.

Alyssa Milano topless

We did see her topless in one scene in that movie which was one of the best surprises I have ever had watching a film! But like always I wanted to see more. After rewatching the DVD set of Charmed recently it got me wanting to see Alyssa Milano nude more than ever. I knew just were to go to find her naked too!

Alyssa Milano nude

These Alyssa Milano fakes are from Celeb Defamer. They had some really hot ones of her both naked and in sex scenes. I was pleasantly surprised to see they also had quite a few of Alyssa nude and having lesbian sex with her fellow Charmed co-stars Shannon Doherty, Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs. Now that’s hawt!

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