We have featured the truly stunning Angelina Jolie before here at Celebrity Fakes List and we generally only feature a celebrity once, but I am sure no one is gonna object to a second helping of one of the worlds sexiest women.

Angelina Jolie naked

If you are missing the point of our site or you are some kind of dim witted idiot yes these pictures are fake. Of course they are not real. Do you really think an A-list celebrity is gonna be photographed stuffing multiple cocks in her mouth or spreading her pussy. You’d be surprised by the mail we get sometimes!

Angelina Jolie blowjob

Anyhow, both of these Angelina Jolie nude fakes come from the archives of Celeb Defamer. They have a massive collection of these style of pics of Angelina. Their members can download the full sized versions of all of them as well as those of thousands of other famous women. At last count they had around 250,000 celebrity fakes and all in a searchable format so finding all your favorites is easy.

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