I don’t care much for her music but damn that Avril Lavigne is a sexy little thing. I often see her music videos on cable and think how hot she would look naked… It takes my mind off the usual stupid shit going on in modern MTV videos hah! So why not just search for some Avril Lavigne nude pictures or sex tape then you ask. Well there are no real ones out there. Believe me I have looked. What I did find though is a whole bunch of Avril Lavigne fakes like these two.

Avril Lavigne fakes

Avril Lavigne nude

Check them out, they are from the infamous Celeb Defamer site. They had a whole bunch of nude pics of sexy Avril as well as some of the petite pop star with a big fat cock in her mouth. I gotta admit to spanking one off to that one. I’m going to hell I know!

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