They were playing a few Avril Lavigne music videos back to back on one of the cable music stations today while I was at the gym and man it was making me horny. I’d nearly forgotten what a sexy little thing she is. Seriously I would nail that petite little ass of hers to a wall if I got the chance! I know I am not alone on that. Her music may be as irritating as it comes but luckily I had my own music playing through my headphones so I was just enjoying the eye candy haha.

Avril Lavigne nude

When I got home I knew who todays post was going to be out. I went and dug out a couple of very nice nude fakes of the sexy punk rock babe. The first one has her naked with those slender legs parted showing us her hot little slit while the second has her riding some dick with serious ‘fuck you’ attitude!

Avril Lavigne sex

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