She may be annoying and vapid but damn I’d like to bury my cock in this blonde hot little pussy. I am talking about Brooke Hogan is no stranger to controversy. We’ve seen numerous ‘oops pictures’ of her and I get the feeling with her it’s all probably deliberate. Any publicity is good publicity as they say. Well if she wants to show it I sure as fuck wanna see it!

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Anyway a few titalating nip slips or upskirts are one thing but I really wanted to see the buxom blonde totally naked. Turns out I was outta luck on that front but as always I found a whole stack of faked nudes of her. I liked these two the most out of a whole collection I found at the Celeb Defamer site. I particularly like the porn fake of Brooke getting her hot little asshole plugged! Want more? Pay them a visit.

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