Today we see another ex Nickelodeon star that has grown up nicely. It’s cute Daniella Monet who I noticed a lot of people searching our site for lately. I was a bit surprised to notice we had yet to feature her so today seemed like a good day to right this.

Daniella Monet nude

Now like a lot of these former Nick girls she is pretty much a G-rated kind of actress. What this means is you are going to find very very little in terms of ‘hot photos’ of her floating around. Pretty frustrating since it’s obvious she has a sexy little body hidden away. Wait though, I have good news!

Daniella Monet fakes

I found a whole bunch of fake nude and sex pictures of Daniella and some of her equally hot Victorious co-stars like Elizabeth Gillies over at Fake Fantasy. You can download the full set of these from their site. treat yourself to a membership there to find fakes of all your favorite female celebrities.

Fake List

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