It’s been a great month for celebrity fakes. Just a couple of weeks back pretty little Selena Gomez turned eighteen and we posted some nice nude photos of her to celebrate. Today we have yet another hot starlet who has just turned 18 too. It’s the very cute Demi Lovato. This fresh faced actress come pop star is very sexy and oh man does she look hot in these pics.

Demi Lovato nude at last

Demi Lovato naked

Even though Demi is quite a wholesome sort of girl in that Disney kind of way we have had glimpses of the body she has been developing. If you have seen her in a bikini you will know just what I mean. Of course that just makes you want to see her naked all the more. I doubt she will ever do nudity for real so you are gonna have to make do with fakes like these. That’s okay with me they look pretty damn convincing.

Both of these Demi Lovato nude fakes are courtesy of Celeb Defamer. They have quite a few more and no doubt will be adding more over time too. Become a member to see them all in full size.

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