Lets kick off 2010 with some nice fakes of the sexy Stacy Ferguson who is of course better know as Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas. She’s never been shy about flashing her panties in upskirt type photos for the paparazzi to eat up but that ain’t enough for me. I wanted to see her naked and went straight to the Celeb Defamer database to look her up. I found some really hot ones of her too. I’m gonna post two of my favorites from their collection.

Stacy Ferguson nude

fergie sex

The first is a nice nude fake with Fergie with this sexy legs spread wide and giving us a thorough view of her pussy. Wow looks pretty loose hah! The other faked picture sees the hot pop singer getting fucked. I would kill for a real sex tape of Fergie this explicit but till then this is the closest you’re gonna get.

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