You know I was watching some reruns of The Nanny this morning and god damn Fran Drescher has got an amazing figure. Man she was hot! Nice boobs, tiny waist and killer legs… they sure knew how to dress her too. The only downside is that fucking annoying voice Fran Fine had that never stopped. Still that’s why we have mute buttons haha!

Fran Drescher nude

Fran Drescher blowjob

After the show I checked the Celeb Defamer database to see if they had any Fran Drescher fakes. I found some good ones that did the job! As always I have some free samples for you albeit resized ones. The first sees a nude Fran having some fun with a giant cucumber. No doubt she is dreaming of Maxwell Sheffield while she pleasures herself. The second sees her with a big cock stuffed into her loud mouth. Well, that’s one way of shutting her up!

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