I remember first falling in lust with the beautiful Heather Locklear when I was a lad and she was in TJ Hooker ha! Man they seems like eons ago now. She really was stunning and there was no missing her when she was on the screen. I noticed some recent photos of her with her 13 year old daughter who seems to have inherited those looks. When she reaches womanhood she is gonna be a knockout too I would imagine. Heather herself still looks good for her age but it’s clear she has had plenty of work done.

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These Heather Locklear nude photos are of course fakes… but damn good ones I gotta say. I would have killed to have seen her naked back in the day and it’s still great to see these now. If you want to see more then head on over to Celeb Defamer. Their members can download the full sized versions plus many more.

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