When a buddy of mine saw those Hilary Duff bikini pictures that got released on the net a while ago he was pretty excited and emailed me about them. He is a huge fan of hers by the way and has a bit of a celebrity crush on her. I think she’s a beautiful girl too but told him those pics didn’t really do it for me. I told him I was more into pictures like these Hilary Duff fakes and attached a few for him to see. Well he fucking freaked out haha. He didn’t know such a thing existed.

Hilary Duff nude

Hilary Duff fake

He then asked if I had more. I told him had dozens of them as I had a membership with the Celeb Defamer. He flipped when I told him they had over 200,000 celebrity fakes. He got himself a subscription later that day and has been happy as a pig in shit since downloading every nude of his favorite celebs.

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