Beautiful Jennifer Aniston is one of those actresses that just seems to get better looking with age. As time goes by JA just keeps getting more and more hot. I only wish she would do less PG13 type movies and do some more sexy roles. Y’know something with a nude scene or better yet a sex scene! I can just about garantee you though that this will never happen. The former Friends babe is way to wholesome for that I think. The one and only way you will see her naked is via these Jennifer Aniston fakes. These are from the Celeb Defamer website.

Jennifer Aniston fake

Jennifer Aniston nude

There were loads of pictures like these two there. Not only did they have pics of her completely naked there are also some hardcore sex parodies. I like the ones that had JA and her two Friends co-stars Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox having some lesbian fun together. So hot!

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