While the debate still lingers as is to who is the hottest Royal – Kate Middleton or her hot younger sister Pippa, for me it’s an easy pick. I think Kate is the more beautiful of the two and I like her tall, slim figure. Let’s face it they are both hot as hell and any red blooded man would love a threesome with these two sexy siblings!

Kate Middleton fake

I picked out a couple of naughty pics of Kate to post today. I often wonder what famous chicks would look like in the type of slutty clothes they never wear. It’s a good case in point with Kate rocking a tiny pair of cutoffs. I think Madge would have a heart attack if she got around Buckingham Palace like this!

Kate Middleton sex

Yes these are fakes, if you have missed the point. And there are lots more of these Kate Middleton nude and sex pictures to see at Fake Fantasy. They also have altered photos of tonnes more famous women from around the world.

Fake List

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