One of the most iconic hot sitcoms moms in television history would have to be Peggy Bundy played awesomely by Katey Sagal. As a horny teen I would watch Married With Children every week not only for the laughs (it was goddamn funny for it’s era) but also the eye candy. Unlike most guys my age though I was more interested on the insane curves of Peg rather than her hot blonde daughter Kelly Bundy. In particular it was those big tits that had me entranced.

Katey Sagal nude

Years later when I got internet access some of the very first celebrity fakes I ever encountered where of Katey Sagal. They were pretty crude but that was a long time ago and image editing has come a long way since. Here are some better examples of ‘Big Red’ naked. OMG those boobs!

Peggy Bundy nude

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