It seems there are many of us that have a thing for hot news presenters and alike. There are some very sexy ones on the box and none more so than Katie Couric in my book. She has been on the box since I was a horny teen. I would watch and love gazing at her sexy legs and would get very turned on if she was wearing pantyhose and crossed her legs.

Katie Couric nude

Of course with these sorts of celebrities you are very unlikely to ever see them naked. I mean Katie Couric, Amy Robach, Megyn Kelly, Erin Burnett, Courtney Friel, Jenna Lee et all are hardly going to read you todays news naked are they?? A nice idea but not gonna happen. :(

Katie Couric fakes

Nevermind fellow perverts! I have some faked nude pics of the Katie Couric for you including a very naughty one of her playing with a couple of her fellow hot TV hosts.

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