If you ever wanted proof that a mixed race couple can produce some truly stunning looking girls look no further than the beautiful Kristen Kreuk. She is an alluring mix of Dutch, Chinese, Jamaican and Indonesian according to her Wikipedia entry. Although she doesn’t really have any obvious look from any of those the resulting mix is quite nice I am sure you’ll agree!

Kristen Kreuk nude

Kristen Kreuk fake

After I caught Eurotrip on cable over the weekend in which she had a small role I was reminded what a hottie she is and went digging for some nude pictures of her. The good news is I found plenty! The (relatively) bad news then? Well, these are fakes. Oh big surprise I know haha!

I grabbed these from the Fake Fantasy and you can see more of them there. They also have tonnes more faked nude and sex pictures of hundreds more of the world’s sexiest female celebrities.

Fake List

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