The one and only reason I have ever sat through an episode of Sex In The City is to see the beautiful Kristin Davis. This woman is stunningly good looking and easily the hottest of the four. Forget that horse faced Sarah Jessica Parker, the slutty Kim Cattrall and blood nut Cynthia Nixon – it’s innocent eyed Kristin that does it for me.

kristin davis naked

It’s doubtful whether that Kristin Davis sex tape that hit the net a while back is genuine. Personally I don’t think it’s her and just a look-a-like. Now that’s okay if you can suspend reality to indulge your celebrity porn fantasy. I prefer to jerk off to Kristin Davis fakes like these though.

kristin davis cum

Check out her out topless with her Sex In The City co-stars and a realy hot one of her with cum all over that sweet face. If you like these there are plenty more at Celeb Defamer.

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