I am always torn when a gorgeous looking young actress has a role in a TV show I can’t stand. Such is the case with the beautiful Leighton Meester. The program in question this time is Gossip Girl… I cannot bring myself to sit through it for than a couple of minutes and I once remarked to someone that I would rather be bitten by a snake than sit through a full episode haha!

Leighton Meester nude

Clearly I’d kill to see this chick naked despite my hatred of her tv show and I am guessing that is why you are here too. She’s not the type to full nudity or anything like that so these faked nude pictures are as good as we will get I am willing to bet.

Leighton Meester fake

So these Leighton Meester nude fakes are censored to show here but Fake Fantasy get to see the uncensored versions plus loads more of them. They have fakes like this of countless female celebrities. Swing by their website to see a preview of more of their fine work.

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