It’s amazing just how popular serial news headline maker Lindsay Lohan still is dispite barely being involved in any movies in the past couple of years. She is a good looking girl, although a bit skanky for my liking. Saying that though she has got some awesome breasts on her and I love those freckles and pale skin. So you want me to just shut up and show you the Lindsay Lohan nude photos. Okay here you go. Check out these courtesy of the infamous Celeb Defamer.

Lindsay Lohan breasts

Lindsay Lohan nude

These are but two reduced size samples from their big archive of Lindsay Lohan fakes. There were loads of great faked pics of her naked as well as plenty of very hot sex scenarios featuring the red head celebrity. As far as Lindsay Lohan porn goes you won’t find a bigger collection than what Celeb Defamer members get access to.

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