When I hear the name Mariah Carey I immediately think tits and ass. The curvy singer has one of the most voluptuous body shapes in the music business. I have been dying to see her nude for like the last 15 years! When she burst onto the music scene every guy I knew would drool over MTV videos. Since then she gotten more and more curvy and those tits of hers have grown to epic proportions.

Mariah Carey fakes

If you ever see Mariah Carey in a bikini you will see just how huge her boobs are as well as that fat ass she’s got going on. Those paparazzi photos are about the most racy stuff you’ll find though. If you want to see the busty diva is all her naked glory you have to break out the faked images like this one from the Celeb Defamer archive. All I can say that is one lucky banana!

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