Goddamn did actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead look sexy in Death Proof. You remember her in that right? The tall leggy brunette in the yellow cheerleader uniform? Oh you remember know I bet! She certainly caught my attention and I went looking for more of her roles in the hope of seeing her gorgeous young body naked.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead nude

Like what happens most times you search for real nude photos of a hot celebrity you come back empty handed and rather disappointed. Well whenever that happens I just go straight to Celeb Defamer and punch the famous woman in questions name into their search bar and then enjoy the nude pictures that invariably come up.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead naked

Now these pics are not real of course. They are fakes, but as close to the real thing as you will ever get the vast majority of the time. Become a Celeb Defamer member to see fakes like this of 1,000s more of the world’s most famous women.

Fake List

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