You might remember Masiela Lusha most as the cute girl that played Carmen Lopez on the sitcom, George Lopez. I sure do. She was the one and only reason I ever watched the show to be honest. I, like many other guys worldwide I suspect, ached to see this pretty dark haired Albanian chick naked. I googled fruitlessly for anything revealing of her and came up empty.

Masiela Lusha nude

Lets face it the only way you are going to be able to see Masiela Lusha naked is via faked images like these two. A lot of people hate fakes but I like them. Like I said if you can’t see real nude photos of a particular celebrity this is as close as you can possibly get so why not? I love both of these that show the attractive actress in all her naked splendor as well as getting her hot muff reamed.

Masiela Lusha fake

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