Hands down the most requested famous female we get asked to post here is Miley Cyrus. The hot teen super star sure has a legion of male followers who really want to see her naked. As much a wild child sort of chick as she is I don’t think she will do any full on nudity for a while. I reckon one day she will though… well I hope so anyway. Until then if you want to see Hannah Montana star nude then these fakes are as close as you can get to the real thing.

Miley Cyrus nude

The first one shows her big beautiful tits in all their glory as spreads her legs and tickles her little pussy lips. The other shot gives a nice rear view of her puckered asshole and clam… how would you like that for breakfast?!

Miley Cyrus naked

Both of these Miley Cyrus fakes are from the Fake Fantasy site. They have plenty more too of the teen idol both nude and also in really explicit porn scenarios. Oh you know you want to see a big old cock in this sweet things mouth! Become a member of their site to see them all plus tonnes more fakes of many many more female celebrities.

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