I was watching a rerun of Friday Night Lights on cable the other day and rediscovered the really brunette Minka Kelly. We don’t see nearly enough of this gorgeous actress on our screens as far as I am concerned. She has a really angelic sort of face and those big brown eyes are just magical.

Minka Kelly Nude

Well we are not all about facial beauty here and we wouldn’t be featuring an actress unless she had a slammin’ body too. That is definitely the case with Minka. She has a tight and slim figure as demonstrated by these Minka Kelly nude pictures.

These are of course fakes. You will not see any real naked pics of the beautiful actress ever so this is as close as you are ever going to get. If you like these you can see more at Celeb Defamer. They now have over 230,000 celebrity fakes in their massive archive.

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