I really didn’t have any idea the beautiful Amy Acker was in her mid thirties. She has always had that girlish look about her so it kind of surprised me to learn that. In any case she is gorgeous and a female celebrity I have been wanting to post her for quite a bit of time.

Amy Acker naked

That being said let’s kick off 2012 in style with some nice nude photos of her! Don’t get too excited they aren’t the real deal. You won’t find any real nudes of this girl or the vast majority of hot famous women. For the next best thing we must turn to world of celebrity fakes to get our fix.

Amy Acker nude

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The very beautiful Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins makes her way onto the site today via a couple of really nice pics of her sans clothes. No she hasn’t decided to pose for Playboy just yet so don’t get too excited. No these are indeed fake nude pictures but pretty damn good ones at that.

Katherine Jenkins nude

The first one shows the attractive crossover artist with her hot boobies out and flashing her sexy little clam. With a bod like that she could have easily been a model or pinup girl. The other one sees her on all fours getting stuffed full of hard cock from behind.

Katherine Jenkins sex

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Probably my all time favorite TV show would have to go to Seinfeld. It was funny, ahead of it’s time and still very funny today. Not a lot of TV shows can stand the test of time like that. It’s also stared the very cute Elaine who I was madly in love with as a horny teen when the show first aired. Oh and you better believe we also some nice Julia Louis Dreyfus fakes too which we posted some time ago.

So all the big characters are present here and they did a fairly good job of the casting. Their mannerisms and quirks that we all know and love are there too adding to the humor. I laughed out loud a few times and the action gets pretty hot too with sexy Elainne getting really getting down and dirty. No need for any masturbation contests with her around!

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I just about lose track of all these chicks that are famous from reality shows. A classic example of just such an instant star is Kate Gosselin. She had quite some success with her show Jon & Kate Plus 8 and judging from some of the mail we get all those babies aren’t the only ones wanting to suck on this hot mom’s big tits!

Kate Gosselin naked

Kate Gosselin sex

I was surprised to find so many Kate Gosselin fakes. She just didn’t strike me as the type that a lot of guys want to see naked. I’m not saying she isn’t sexy, just didn’t think that many guys wanted to see her nude. Guess it’s a curiosity thing.

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When I got a couple of requests to show some hot Stephanie Courtney fakes I was all like ‘who the hell is that??’ A quick wikipedia search later and I notice a few comedies she had been in but I think she is probably best known as the ‘Progressive Insurance girl’. So anyway she seems to be one of those chicks that while overly pretty or conventionally hot you would like bang the living daylights out of.

Stephanie Courtney fake

Enough said, lets check out some super hot shots of this funny girl. I’m a sucker for a big juicy white ass and the one she is parting for us so generously in the first shot looks like heaven. The next pic has her getting her pussy stuff full of dick while that quirky face is just begging for a cum facial.

Stephanie Courtney nude

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I think half the guys in my class in grade 9 had the hots for Marisa Tomei. She was gorgeous and very cute and was popular in a string of hit movies. These days we barely her but she is still a stunning looking woman. Her brief nude scene in The Wrestler recently seemed to respark some interest in her so I thought I’d post these pictures of her naked…. I am sure no one is gonna mind. ;)

Marisa Tomei naked

The first shows her topless with those big beautiful breasts looking very tempting. How’d you like to suck on those perfect nips? The next shot has her down on all fours like she is getting ready to receive a hard ass pounding.

Marisa Tomei nude

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Oh I know we have all been dying to see sweet little Miranda Cosgrove nude for quite some time. There is only so many times you can see a sexy female celeb like her in her bathing suit before you just want to rip it off and ravage her succulent lithe body.

Miranda Cosgrove nude

The pretty dark haired dark eyed starlet does finally find her way onto the site today via a couple of really nicely done fakes. What? These are not real?!!’ you bellow incredulously. LOL of course they are not. Last time I checked she didn’t pose nude for pics let alone do full on porn heh.

Miranda Cosgrove sex

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Another young Hollywood starlet that has blossomed into womanhood right before our eyes is Tiffany Thornton. The pretty faced actress has always been in good wholesome family films and tv shows and we are left to only imagine what her luscious little body looks like.

Tiffany Thornton faked

So you decide to look for hot steamy pics of her? Guess what? You’ll find precious FA of those sorts of hot images of Tiffany. Well that my friends is like the proverbial red rag to a bull. Celeb Defamer decided to devote a whole series of naughty images to her since she so stubbornly refuses to disrobe for us.

Tiffany Thornton nude

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