My buddy refers to Brandi Passante as “that chick with big tits from Storage Wars”… he’s an old romantic at heart lol. There’s no denying she does have a big pair and a curvy figure.

Brandi Passante nude

We watched an episode the other day and couldn’t stop staring at her cleavage. She doesn’t mind letting the boys get a little fresh air but we haven’t seen them out in the wild yet. I scored a whole bunch of nude fakes of Brandi though and this is just what I imagine her buxom top heavy naked body to look like.

Brandi Passante fake

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I was really surprised to find out today that we had yet to feature hot Australian pop idol Kylie Minogue on our pages. She has always been a favorite of mine (especially after I saw her in those infamous gold hotpants!) which made it all the more surprising. Nevermind, we are going to right this wrong big time with a couple of smoking hot pictures.

Kylie Minogue nude

The first sees Kylie naked in the tub and pouring milk all over that luscious little body of hers. Milk does the body good as they say! The second is much more risqué with her getting banged hard right in the ass!

Kylie Minogue fake

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I don’t really know a whole lot about hot actress Anna Kendrick except that… well… she is hot! I noticed her in Pitch Perfect when I watched it on the weekend and that got me thinking about her today. Yes, dirty thought of course!

Anna Kendrick nude

I went a hunting for nude pictures or videos of the pretty star but came home disappointed. I knew I would find faked nude photos and I knew where to go to find the best of the best.

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Here’s one for the slightly more mature crowd. Despite being in her mid forties Eva LaRue is still pretty damn hot. The All My Children actress was never a huge name in movies but most will recognize her from the many TV roles she has played.

Eva LaRue nude

She has never done nudity and I would highly doubt it’s going to happen at this point in her career (although you never know). Fear not though, as we have some excellent fakes of her for your viewing pleasure. The first shows her topless by the beach… mmmmm a nice view and I am not talking about the ocean! The other is way more risqué with the mature celebrity getting reamed by a big ol’ cock!

Eva LaRue sex

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For a chick that has barely had a role in anything for years Lindsay Lohan is still very fucking popular. True it’s mostly males that are her fans and more so for her looks and big boobs than her acting technique I’d wager.

Lindsay Lohan sex fakes

In any case I thought some sex fakes of the busty redhead wild girl were in order. I love, love, love this first one. I’ve included the huge full size version of this fake for your viewing pleasure.

Lindsay Lohan porn

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I was watching an old episode of LOST on the tube last night and was reminded again of what a truly beautiful looking woman Evangeline Lilly is. She really looked hot all dirty and shipwrecked (airwrecked?). I then remembered an awesome faked photo of her in character. Imagine the ratings if she walked around the island like this!

Evangeline Lilly fake

Evangeline Lilly nude

The other picture shes her totally naked on the beach. I’d happily be ‘lost’ on any island with her looking that… I’d even forgo my internet connection!!

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We like to mix things up here at Celebrity Fakes List and lately we’ve been showing you some of the crazy hot illustrations from the guys over at Celebs Dungeon. What we really love about their stuff is the incredible detail and wild nature of their hand drawn celebrity fantasy pictures.

Rihanna nude cartoon

This time around it’s all about sexy singing sensation Rihanna who you can see gets down to some really kinky sex with another girl!

celebrity fantasies

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I was asked who I thought had the best boobs in Hollywood the other day. I didn’t even need to think about it before I answered Christina Hendricks. She has a massive pair and is a cute redhead to boot. Thankfully she likes to show them off at any event she attends and the paparazzi have an absolute field day snapping photos of her huge cleavage.

Christina Hendricks fake

She has yet to get them out entirely and I think maybe we may never get to see them unless her career takes a nose dive and Playboy pay big or something. I did however find a series of really hot Christina Hendricks fakes that are very convincing looking. Man, that top image makes me horny! The sight of her naked voluptuous body all wet and waiting is almost too much.

Christina Hendricks boobs

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