I’ve always seen Alyson Hannigan as evidence that geeky girls can still be sexy as hell. From the time she first caught mainstream attraction from her famous “pussy” line in America Pie she gained quite a following of adoring male fans. She’s lost a bit of her nerdy look over the years but she still has that ‘bang me hard’ look about her that is hard to put a finger on.

Alyson Hannigan naked

I found a bunch of new fakes of the geeky redhead. It’s a tough job selecting only a couple of them to post today but I settled on these two. The first shows her completely naked straddling a box and giving you an idea of just how she’d look straddling you in a cowgirl position!

Alyson Hannigan fakes

The second faked image shows her in the act riding a lucky fans cock!

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The ageless Jennifer Aniston just keeps getting sexier I reckon. I know I am not alone in that sentiment either as we get lots of requests for JA. I think we can pretty much scratch nudity off the cards for any future role for the ex Friends star. If she hasn’t done it by her age chances are very slim. Fear not though as we have the very next best thing via these faked sex pictures.

Jennifer Aniston nude

I have a heap of new Jennifer Aniston nude and sex fakes and these are my picks. The first shows her getting her ass pounded while she lightly fingers her clit. Hmm I wonder whose cock that is… not Ross’ I’ll bet!

Jennifer Aniston sex

The other faked picture sees some hot girl on girl play with JA and two Friends have some naughty fun with a huge double ended dildo.

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A really kinky post to kick off the new year. This one is all about sexy Anne Hathaway and a whole lot of bondage toys. In this wicked celebrity fantasy she is tied and bound with ropes and totally submissive.

Anne Hathaway fantasy

Her lover experiments with the various toys on her naked body. She enjoys the slight pain and the feeling of being vulnerable. I think they need to introduce this sort of scene to some of her films… she has done some nudity so you never know.

Anne Hathaway porn

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Like a lot I first discovered Kate Mara on the show 24. She caught my eye straight away and always does in every role she plays. After I saw a couple of recent swimsuit photos of her it got me wanting to see more skin. I went off hunting for any roles she has done that had nudity. I was disappointed to find very little in that regard.

Kate Mara nude

I did find a whole bunch of these ‘faked’ nude photos. These are as close as we may get to seeing the pretty actress naked unless she does a 180 on the roles she takes. I really like the second photo. The sweet look on her face as she shows us that tantalizing body.

Kate Mara fake

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While the debate still lingers as is to who is the hottest Royal – Kate Middleton or her hot younger sister Pippa, for me it’s an easy pick. I think Kate is the more beautiful of the two and I like her tall, slim figure. Let’s face it they are both hot as hell and any red blooded man would love a threesome with these two sexy siblings!

Kate Middleton fake

I picked out a couple of naughty pics of Kate to post today. I often wonder what famous chicks would look like in the type of slutty clothes they never wear. It’s a good case in point with Kate rocking a tiny pair of cutoffs. I think Madge would have a heart attack if she got around Buckingham Palace like this!

Kate Middleton sex

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Todays featured celebrity isn’t a huge name in the entertainment business or anything but she is gorgeous and when I saw these pics of her I had to post them. Her name is Roselyn Sanchez a Puerto Rican actress/model/babe. Mostly known in the US for her appearances in various mens magazines but she has had small roles in many feature films.

Roselyn Sanchez nude

Roselyn Sanchez naked

While she has not done this level of nudity the guys at Fake Fantasy have a good imagination. They have some hot faked nude photos of Roselyn. These two are my picks of the bunch but there are more to see. Just become a member to see them all as well as similar faked photos of thousands more of the world’s hottest celebrities.

They did well casting Kaley Cuoco as Penny in the The Big Bang Theory. She is cute and hot and the fantasy of many a nerd the world over. Of course the real show only teases giving us glimpses of her in a short skirt of tight blouse… maybe that’s for the best though. Sheldon might have a heart attack if she revealed too much skin in front of him.

I knew the x-rated version would be a good laugh as well as hot to watch. The first thing that stood out to me was how good a job they did with the various character mannerisms and such. Of course the girl they got to play Penny is smoking hot and looks quite a bit like her.

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Rising young actress AnnaSophia Robb is todays featured celeb and what a lovely piece of eye candy she makes for. She has been busy with lots of small roles the past couple of years and I think big things are in this famous girls future… at least I hope so anyway.

Anna Sophia Robb nude

Having been in mostly G-rated type films and television shows so far there isn’t all that much in the way of revealing photos of her sadly. Trust me I have looked!! Haha, it’s all good though as I knew just were to go to see this famous babe naked.

AnnaSophia Robb fake

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