While I normally have a preference for very fair skinned women one celebrity I seem to have made an exception for is Rihanna. Lets face it, she is stunningly beautiful and one of the most popular pop stars on the planet. She knows how to tease too via her sexy music videos.

Rihanna nude

After seeing yet another block of her clips on the music channel I decided it was high time we featured her again on the site. I’ve got some nude pics of her that are a little different than the infamous sextape images that surfaced a while back. Of course both of these aren’t real. No these are fakes but bloody nice ones at that. The first sees the sexy black celebrity completely nude and the other shows her riding some big white boy cock!

Rihanna fakes

Oh you want to see the rest of these Rihanna fakes? Then head to Fake Fantasy to see them all in FULL SIZE as well as their faked nude and sex pictures of thousands more famous babes.

Today we see another ex Nickelodeon star that has grown up nicely. It’s cute Daniella Monet who I noticed a lot of people searching our site for lately. I was a bit surprised to notice we had yet to feature her so today seemed like a good day to right this.

Daniella Monet nude

Now like a lot of these former Nick girls she is pretty much a G-rated kind of actress. What this means is you are going to find very very little in terms of ‘hot photos’ of her floating around. Pretty frustrating since it’s obvious she has a sexy little body hidden away. Wait though, I have good news!

Daniella Monet fakes

I found a whole bunch of fake nude and sex pictures of Daniella and some of her equally hot Victorious co-stars like Elizabeth Gillies over at Fake Fantasy. You can download the full set of these from their site. treat yourself to a membership there to find fakes of all your favorite female celebrities.

Is this the hottest female celebrity on the planet? Some think so and I am inclined to agree. I am talking about the beautiful Kate Beckinsale of course. She really does have a bewitching and captivating kind of beauty. She stands out in any role she is in no matter how small I find and is a great actress as well as being nice to look at.

Kate Beckinsale nude

She’s sexy as hell too with a slim figure and lovely legs. I caught her on some late night talk show in a short skirt and man I couldn’t stop staring at those sexy pins – yowza! She’s done a few mens magazine type pictorials too with her in a swimsuit.

Kate Beckinsale fakes

All of this teasing just makes you want to see her in the nude. The bad news I really can;t see her doing full frontal nudity or a full on sex scene. The best we can hope for is a sex tape, but even that seems very unlikely with her.

Instead enjoy these Kate Beckinsale nude fakes from Celeb Dreamer. They have quite a collection of these faked pics of the sexy actress as well as similar images of many more famous women. Grab a members pass to see them all as well as scoring bonus access to their celebrity hentai site Celebs Dungeon too.

We still get a tonne of requests for pics of hot little Vanessa Hudgens with no clothes on. Yes they were some real nude photos of her floating around the internet and it is pretty much confirmed they were in fact real. However our site is all about fakes if the name somehow has alluded you.

Vanessa Hudgens nude

Some might say if there are real pictures of a celebrity naked why bother with fake ones? Well I would argue that these fakes are a hell of a lot more racy and explicit than those leaked pics from a couple of years ago.

Vanessa Hudgens fakes

There are dozens of really nicely done Vanessa Hudgens fakes to see at Fake Fantasy which is where these two are from. Become a member to see them all in glorious full size. There are 1,000s of famous actresses, models, athletes, pop stars, television presenters and more that feature there so be sure to take a look.

I used to see hot English babe Rhona Mitra in small roles in a number of films and she always stood out to me. Mainly because of her beauty rather than her performances. She is a very good looking woman and has been the live action model for Lara Croft in the video game series for a number of years and no one can fault her.. ahem.. figure!

Rhona Mitra nude

Rhona Mitra fake

I came across (almost literally) some very hot nude photos of the attractive Brit. Too many to post here but here a couple of my favourites from the series. You can see the full sized versions of these and the rest of them at Fake Fantasy. They have lots more goodies there too and barely a famous babe has escaped their attention. Be sure to swing by and take a look at what they’ve got to offer.

Ever had a really kinky sex fantasy about a particular celebrity? I’m probably asking the wrong crowd since you’ve found your way to our blog. I’m guessing the resounding answer is going to be yes. In saying that though I doubt any of your wicked imaginations could come up with the kind of stuff that Celebs Dungeon do. Check out this update from them featuring a heavy BDSM scenario with sexy Cameron Diaz.

Cameron Diaz nude

They have the beautiful blonde actress all tied up with her long legs spread. A welcome sight for any male fan as her pussy is dripping wet and ready for action. Later on she is surrounded by hard cocks ready to unload cum all over her pretty smiling face.

Cameron Diaz porn

See more of this Cameron Diaz porn and other celebrity BDSM artwork at Celebs Dungeon. Become a member and get bonus access to their fakes site Celeb Dreamer thrown in free.

They were playing a few Avril Lavigne music videos back to back on one of the cable music stations today while I was at the gym and man it was making me horny. I’d nearly forgotten what a sexy little thing she is. Seriously I would nail that petite little ass of hers to a wall if I got the chance! I know I am not alone on that. Her music may be as irritating as it comes but luckily I had my own music playing through my headphones so I was just enjoying the eye candy haha.

Avril Lavigne nude

When I got home I knew who todays post was going to be out. I went and dug out a couple of very nice nude fakes of the sexy punk rock babe. The first one has her naked with those slender legs parted showing us her hot little slit while the second has her riding some dick with serious ‘fuck you’ attitude!

Avril Lavigne sex

You can see more nude pictures of Avril Lavigne at Celeb Dreamer. They have faked nude and sex photos of many more famous women too. Sign up and you will also get bonus access to their excellent sister site Celebs Dungeon as well.

While not really a big name actress Grace Park will be known to most sci-fi fans. She played Sharon Valerii and Sharon Agathon in Battlestar Galactica if you can’t place her. She is one seriously good looking woman. She’s American born but of Korean decent and I think the results speak for themselves.

Grace Park nude

Grace Park fake

I went digging for some nude photos of her and of course found nothing real. However I was pleased to find quite a few nude fakes of her. Both of these come from the Fake Fantasy site. You can find more of them at their site by becoming a member. You will also find similar pics of thousands more female celebrities.

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