Whenever I watch Serena Williams play tennis is all I can focus on her big tits and that huge booty. Both these body parts just seem to keep getting bigger and bigger too. I’m surprised a girl of her thickness can get around the court so quite too. It’s just too bad the tennis outfits of most of the women players is getting more conservative with those compression type shorts they wear under their skirts. I would love to see Serena’s fat black ass bulging out of a pair of those old style tennis panties!

Serena Williams nude

Serena Williams fake

So you are here looking for Serena Williams nude pictures right? I hate to break it to you chief there are none. Well.. there are no real ones anyway. What you see here are fakes. Pretty damn good ones, but still they are faked. Alot of guys turn away as soon as they know pictures like this aren’t real, which I never understand. You are never going to see a celebrity like Serena naked any other way so why not enjoy these as the only alternative. I know I sure do.

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