A topic that comes up amongst celebrity fakes fans is whether a good fake should always feature a body that closely resembles the body type/size of the celeb in question. For the most part I say it should but sometimes it is fun to see boobs etc exaggerated. Such is the case with the topmost image below of sexy Stana Katic. While I haven’t seen her breasts I am sure they are not as big as the funbags in that fake… but it’s a very hot pic nonetheless!

Stana Katic nude

Stana Katic fake

In any case you won’t find a lot of racy pictures of her for some reason. Nevermind the guys at Celeb Defamer have the solution. They have a nice collection of Stana Katic fake nude and sex pictures for your viewing pleasure. These are just two reduced size images from that series. Become a member of their site to see over a quarter of a million fakes of thousands of the worlds sexiest female celebrities.

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