Love her or hate her Tyra Banks is never too far from controversy these days. The former super model has her own show of course and is never shy about speaking her mind. I came across her name while browsing the Celeb Defamer members section yesterday and paused to look through the collection of nude fakes they had of her.

Tyra Banks naked

There were quite a few with ones that were more of her back in her hey day were she looks really stunning to more recent ones of her. She is still a hot looking woman but I do prefer the way she looked in her modeling days a little more to be honest. Anyway I picked out two to post here today so enjoy them.

Tyra Banks nude

Like I said both of these Tyra Banks naked fakes are from Celeb Defamer. You can see more at their site as well as over 250,000 more celebrity fakes that feature just about any famous woman you can think of.

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